In this digitalized world, digital has long since become a critical infrastructure. For the technologies of the future, like block chains, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many others, interconnection is the indispensable foundation. Digitalization without networks is not possible. This is why it is so importtent that we place focus on the future of online word –Online Digital World Journey. From the user side, from the last few years we have seen an accelerating development of Internet usage. This ranges from the massive expansion of online shopping, to the ever greater distribution of mobile phones, and on to streaming; there is hardly any area of daily life that could not somehow be connected to the Internet. Only small latencies and absolutely secure transmissions do justice to the coming generations of applications.

You can compare the Internet to electricity: You do not need a different type of power depending on whether you’re operating a simple light bulb or a state-of-the-art factory; you just need a lot more of it. In simple, this is the same with Internet traffic: New applications do not produce a new type of traffic, but as a rule, they do produce much more of it. In addition, the newest, most innovative applications are raising the bar: Only very low latencies and absolutely secure transmission will do justice to the coming generations of applications. The Internet and globalization belong together. Since the Web revolutionized communication, the world has been shrinking and converging faster and faster. And yet, precisely to support the future development of the Internet, we need to think more locally. Country like India awakening, Digital word going to rock

Summary – Future of Digital Word.

We are at the beginning of a new era which will be characterized by digitalization and the constant interconnection of everything. The goal of the next generation of the digital is, through abstraction and automation, to enable any desired bandwidth spontaneously between any and all participants. For this, consistent further development of the existing technologies is required, and additionally, new approaches to the integration of digit, software, and services must be conceived. Efficient approach processing is becoming increasingly important – in the future, it is conceivable that analysis will already occur during the transmission process in the network.

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